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Why do I support the current #UFO #disclosure?

Article by Akam - Why do I support Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, the other TTSA members, military witnesses, some intelligence people, politicians, academics, researchers, artists, who are working publicly and hundreds working behind the scene, to make possible the international UFO conversation?

Do I think the US government is better than others, that it acted well during the cover up, that the reasons for disclosure now are mostly benevolent for the world?

That this team is more courageous, always sincere and more interesting than some #ufologists in the past and even now?

That none are there by chance, by obligation, by opportunism, or by personal strategy?

Not necessarily, but for me, it's about priority, pragmatism, humility, gratitude, to support those who achieve and can continue to achieve essential results for the world.

Consistency of their various speeches with other ufological information, impression of sincerity and concrete results matter.

They potentially need a powerful public support to succeed the mission and the transition more fluid. Are the resistances really strong enough to prevent the process?

I don't know, action and support first, debriefing after. Is the fact of involving the public, a way of making disclosure more sympathetic and civilian than government confessions on the past?

Perhaps, but there will be time to study these historical questions, it's also essential for the public to be involved in the discussion, being able to provide opinions and information, and being part even symbolically, to an historic and deep mankind transition. In doubt, on a situation or on intentions, I choose to help courageous people asking for help.

It's a question of potential efficiency, of solidarity, a wish for a constructive world. Let's keep in view the general contribution to the world population, and take into account the huge constraints of the secrecy.

I don't want to be the one who hasn't helped indirectly, at a small individual level, one sincere person, one witness, one experiencer, to get the disclosure quicker and more transparent. Some people have the interest and skills for trying to find faults, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, their work can be extremely useful.

However I encourage them to look at various aspects and levels, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and see how their finds match with some big picture hypotheses. None mainstream media, academics from my country for example, has recognized the effectiveness and brave efforts of those who participate in the current US disclosure, I would like them to notice it.

The academic research does not prohibit expressing human impressions and recognition. Researchers don't have to stay hidden behind a professional or patriotic distrust, they can assume their past lack of curiosity, work with some international colleagues, or tell what they know on the subject, it's safe now, they still can participate more actively in this historical mankind evolution, and they are welcome on #UFOtwitter !

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