It's a relevant question but still they respond with tired copy and paste answers that bear no relation to the question asked. Adam Goldsack asks why.

Unfortunately, despite the U.S. taking the issue seriously, and despite the U.K. seemingly having access to the the UAP report as early as 2019, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has failed both the British people and leadership.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson openly dismissed the concept of ‘UFOs’ on the British television program ‘This Morning’ in 2019. Interestingly, he nor any of his defence cabinet has ever openly discussed UAP or the potential threat to national security.

Additionally, when researcher Dan from the UAPMedia team contacted the Royal Airforce via Headquarters Airforce Command regarding the officially sanctioned U.S. UAP programs, he received a reply which cited that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) uses the terms UAP and UFO interchangeably. The reply also stated that the MOD no longer investigate ‘UFO’ reports because ‘in over 50 years no reported UFO sighting reported to the Department has ever indicated the existence of any military threat to the U.K.’

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