shocking revelations "the objects passed through the base walls at pine gap in australia"

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Orbs physically passed through the walls of Pine Gap the top secret military base in Australia and the same happened at Bentwaters nuclear base in England - "The Object/Orb passed through walls of the base"

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Watch the interview above, it's more interesting than the June UAP report!

Urgent questions for the American, Australian and UK governments

Q. Can these objects pass through the high security and even the walls of our most secure facilities?

Q. Can the objects enter our navy ships and submarines?

Q. What are you doing about this, do you have videos of the objects inside the facilities and craft?

Q. Why are you pushing the narrative that these orbs/objects are leap frog technology from China or Russia, this is clearly a not true?

These questions need to be asked at congressional hearings as and when they take place!

This episode we go down under to speak with Australia’s and one of the worlds No1 experiencers Damien John Knott and the No1 investigative journalist in Australia Ross Coulthart

Damien John Nott was born in 1979 in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. His story came to public attention in 2012 after contacting a UFO research organisation in an attempt to find an answer to his ongoing experiences with the UFO phenomenon.

These experiences peaked in the small country town of Dunedoo but not before his first sighting at the young age of 9 which spurred him towards a lifelong endeavour to research and understand what he was to later discover, is the most misunderstood and ridiculed subject in the world today.

He has since amassed a prolific body of work documenting his encounters that remain to date, unexplained and unparalleled in the field of ufology.

The 1st part of the interview is with Experiencer, Ufologist and documentary filmmaker Damien john Nott

The interview begins with a very interesting discussion with Australian experiencer, Damien John Nott, Damien is one of the worlds top experiencers, we show a compilation of images he has captured over the years, we had a great open and frank discussion about the #ufo topic and the things he has encountered throughout his life.

Damien John Nott

Here is a link to Damien John Nott's Youtube channel

These are some of the objects Damien has captured over the years

The second part of the interview is with Ross Coulthart

This is 1st interview with Ross Coulthart outside of Australia since the release of his channel 7 documentary the Phenomenon, Ross discusses why he joined the topic, what got him interested, it's riveting, and he drops some huge bombs throughout and in particular about craft physically entering secret bases through the walls!

Ross is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist with over three decades experience in newspapers and television, including reporting for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, ABC TV Four Corners, Nine Network Sunday program and 60 Minutes, Seven Network Sunday Night.

Five times winner of Australia’s national journalism prize – the Walkley Award – including the highest award, the Gold Walkley. Winner of a Logie, Australian TV’s top prize (for best public affairs TV reporting), and winner of a New York Film Festival Gold Medal for international investigative journalism.

Best-selling author of five books, with a 6th about to be released called 'In Plain Sight', and Ross is currently best known in the UFO community for being the host of channel 7’s UFO documentary ‘The Phenomenon’ which went down really well.

Investigative Journalist Ross Coulthart

You do not want to miss this interview

We discuss Ross's documentary about the UAP cover up and find out there is another in the making for an international audience.

Link to Ross Coulthart's website, you can now pre-order the new book 'In Plain Sight'

The book is available to pre-order now on Amazon, and will be released next month.

Ross Coulthart’s Website


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