Ripperstone Farm 1977 Wales (UK) is Wales's skinwalker

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UFOs - Teleported Cows - Radiation Burns - 7ft Silver Suited Beings - MIB

Ripperstone Farm is Wales's version of Skinwalker Ranch, I'm amazed this case has not been made into a tv series or movie.

The Coombs family, who were employed at the Ripperston farm, had a number of very strange experiences.

What started as a close encounter with a large glowing orb which chased Pauline Coombs home in her car one cold clear January night, turned into a terrifying and on-going series of crazy events.

How it begins -

Pauline Combs sees a large light in the sky low just above tree height swaying around strangely, she wakes her husband from his nap & tells him to go look, he takes his torch but can see nothing, Pauline tells him better to check next day which he does..

Next Day

Navy Frogmen in the water and the army in unmarked trucks keeping people away and telling them they were rebuilding the coastal path which made no sense.

Over the next two weeks

Both of the Tv's in the house overloaded and light bulbs and 5 TV engineers could not fix them and had no explanation and fuses were blowing constantly.

Pauline dreams of a dark shadowy figure in her bedroom. Clinton the son came down to breakfast shaken explaining he had heard a low-pitched humming from outside the window while he was taking a bath - like a generator noise, he said the noise entered the bathroom and sort of enveloped the room.

Keiron the other son then told his mum there was something in the sky hovering, it was an orange colour and swaying around.

The local newspapers had been full recently of reports of strange objects seen in the sky right across South Wales. The press were dubbing the area she lived in as 'The Welsh Triangle'.

14 children at a nearby school all claimed to see a large silver saucer, the headmaster said the children were adamant about what they had seen and their stories did not change.

Pauline goes out in her car and again sees the strange light in the sky but it gets brighter and brighter and is moving towards the car, Keiron is also in the car and tells his mum its moving faster than an aeroplane now, the craft moved in front of the car low on the horizon, the were heading straight towards it, it was very bright orange orb, 12 feet off the ground, so bright it made the hedges light up, they were only a few hundred feet from it, the object flew low over the car just missing it, it turned and now followed parallel to the car and keeping pace, the car engine died.

The only light now came from the object an orange glow. by this time the twin girls had awoken from sleep in the back seat and were panicking.

The car free wheeled to last few hundred feet down the track road to the house, the object illuminated the area around the car and was now overhead, the children screamed as they ran into the house.

I'll continue to add details to the case but below find other major incidents hinted at they took place over the coming months

A 7-ft silver-suited being with a black visor appearing outside their house window, later a man claims he did this as a prank..

They reported having constant mechanical disturbances

Even more strange they recounted when their cows seemingly had been teleported from one field to another! and this was not a one off it became a frequent mass teleportation of nearly one hundred cows over a distance of almost mile.

Not forgetting the radiation burns suffered by the family members and the abductions too.

There are also ‘Men In Black’ who drove around in a mysterious large silver car

The Coombs family

This all took place over the course of a year between January 1977 and January 1978.

At first the manifestations were minor.

UFOs were sighted in the area, huge burnt patches were found in the fields, television sets and cars blew all of their wiring…but before long the Coombs family was visited by weird lights, huge white figures and a glowing disembodied hand.

Sightings of dome shaped UFO’s and figures in silver suits continued, and on one occasion the Coomb’s son, Keiron, claimed to see a “tall dark, fluid-like shape” in the front room of their farmhouse.

However, a sighting on the 12th of November was perhaps the most bizarre of all. After seeing a UFO (in the daytime) perform some spectacular manoeuvres, it suddenly plunged into the sea by the famous Stack Rocks.

Pauline took her kids with her to investigate this further from the cliff tops, and on the rocks below she saw two figures in silver suits, who she estimated to be between eight to twelve feet tall. She noticed a “door” in the rocks, where one of the figures emerged and they moved around the base of the rock. After the figures returned through the door, it faded away and could no longer be seen.

On returning home, Pauline received a call from her friend Rosa. Apparently, she had been looking at Stack Rocks with her binoculars and saw a “silvery” UFO fly into an entrance on the Rock. Sometime later silver-suited figures came out of the opening in the Rock and climbed down to the sea and back again several times.

After one more sighting on the 19th of December 1977, the UFO activity came to an end at the Ripperston Farmhouse.

Their lives were disrupted and they were terrified by something unidentifiable and unimaginable. They were a focus for The Uninvited.

This is the story of an ordinary family caught up in the extraordinary, for whom the impossible became possible, the unbelievable became believable, and science fiction became science fact.

To learn more about this case Ripperstone Farm case

Originally published in 1979 – The book 'The Uninvited' is the true story of an ordinary family living in South Wales who found themselves entangled in a series of unearthly encounters in 1977.

How the farm looks now and how it look then

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