plausible explanation for UAPs - A Time War

Humanity stuck in the middle - a working theory

I'm going to give you my current working theory, and it's a bit different from what you might think is going on.

Note: I'm no author and not a journalist just a normal bloke - and this is a theory, evidence may come from others, hopefully.

I'm going to state things just as I think them, this is not a paper this is not a newspaper or magazine article these are simply my current thoughts.. I'm not after critical analysis of my lack of writing skills lol

Here we go - thoughts

Future humans are both the greys and the tall whites, they are both from our future.

A nuclear war which may happen sooner than we might think forced some underground & those that stayed underground eventually evolved into the Greys

The Tall whites survived on the surface or left the underground bases earlier, they hide in the oceans in this time zone.

They both have time travel capabilities, craft were found during digs and the craft had time travel devices.

The tall whites are trying to stop the coming war

The Greys need the war to happen or they never exist A Time War is happening, tall whites are making us aware by gifting Greys craft tech and bodies, and inside those craft the bad intentions of the greys is being left for us to find - the 1st gift was at the location just down the road from where the 1st bomb was created this was the major hint, carry on and you will become the greys. IMHO - 1947 the craft and bodies was gifted to supply the evidence and motives of the greys, we have been gifted in this way ever since and the items are given at regular periods and always in the same place. The USA has chosen sides - The tall whites while the ones who have shared the original information and the tech, they have there own motives and they may not reflect our own needs and priorities so if the good guys that is not at all clear. The Greys use manipulative mind altering tech to make us act in their interests We have chosen a side based on this - not sure if this is just America, or whether its also the other 5 eyes partners. We are trying to get involved in the fight, active recruiting is taking place. Some religious crazies believe the coming nuclear war will be worth having as it wipes out our current enemies, and they also believe it is gods will, they believe the future should not be changed and that we should not interfere in gods will. We also have a dimensional element (Orbs & Consciousness beings of light), purpose of this side is as yet unknown, are they just trying to stop the nuclear war as it will have an effect on them as well. The questions you need to ask yourself: What if this is not fiction - maybe you have just been given a heads up. Is this plausible? what does your gut tell you Who's side are you on? Who became the greys? who went underground and stayed Who survived a surface war and became the tall whites? think of locations that would not be effected as badly during a war, did the dimensional's have an impact by shutting down warheads allowing some areas to survive? When will this all begin if the tall whites fail to get us to avoid a war? Note: Americans have the most underground bases known as DUMB's

By Jonathan Davies - An on-going theory that may have basis in truth - maybe.

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