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Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Ross Coulthart has exploded onto the #UAP scene in dramatic fashion in the last few months and his latest book In Plain Sight is about to be released. By Jonathan Davies

Multi award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart has been intrigued by UFOs since mysterious glowing objects were filmed buzzing a cargo plane near New Zealand’s Kaikoura mountains when he was a teenager.

The 1978 sighting is just one of thousands since the 1940s, and yet many in mainstream media still see research into UFOs as the realm of crackpots and conspiracy theorists.

Throughout his journalistic career, Ross has been fascinated by how much of a taboo the subject of UFOs has become, yet he often came across compelling evidence that there was something to these sightings; many of them were often tracked on radar, filmed and verified by multiple witnesses.

In 2020, however, after decades of denial, the US Department of Defence made the astonishing admission that strange aerial and underwater objects frequently reported and videoed by pilots and tracked by multiple sensors are in fact real, unexplained, and pose a genuine national security concern and risk to flight safety.

It is an astonishing turn-around by the Pentagon and now there is serious talk of public Congressional hearings in the US to investigate the new reality of what is now being called UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Compelled to investigate, Coulthart embarked on what’s become the most confronting and challenging story of his career, speaking to witnesses, researchers, scientists, spies and defence and intelligence officials and insiders.

What he has found suggests that the world is on the cusp of extraordinary technological breakthroughs and cultural revelations.

Has the US truly recovered non-human technology, as many insiders suggest?

Is the US and other Governments lying about what they know about the phenomenon?

Has there been a massive cover-up since World War Two?

Bizarre, sometimes mind blowing and utterly fascinating, In Plain Sight tells a story that’s largely escaped the radar of mainstream media coverage but has been there all along.

It’s time to observe what’s always been in front of our eyes.

So who is Ross Coulthart?

Ross is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist with over three decades experience in newspapers and television, including reporting for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, ABC TV Four Corners, Nine Network Sunday program and 60 Minutes, Seven Network Sunday Night.

Ross is a five times winner of Australia’s national journalism prize – the Walkley Award – including the highest award, the Gold Walkley. Winner of a Logie, Australian TV’s top prize (for best public affairs TV reporting), and winner of a New York Film Festival Gold Medal for international investigative journalism.

Best-selling author of five books, with a 6th about to be released called 'In Plain Sight', and Ross is currently best known in the UFO community for being the host of Australia's channel 7’s UFO documentary ‘The Phenomenon’ which was a huge hit with the Australian public, Ross has said recently he hopes an international version will be produced soon.

"It's not a question of belief, this isn't a religion. Its a question of knowledge. The evidence is absolutely overwhelming" Ross Coulthart

Ross also travelled to America and had exclusive interviews with Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, David Marler, Robert Salas and Kevin Day, he learned so much he had to rewrite part of the book as the information he learned was so explosive.

Ross has spent a huge amount of time researching and interviewing the relevant people in the topic, people like General McCasland and others, he would send letters instead of emails to avoid electronic tracking and so these secretive people would know they could chat in private and it worked to his amazement he started getting replies.

He also carried out video interviews (I was interviewed) here is a 30min PARCIAL clip of one Ross did with Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project its truly fascinating and he described the methods he used to contact people. Bob drops his own bombshell in this interview and you are going to want to see the rest - word of warning Bob charges to access the rest of the interview via his website, so sorry but I don't have the full interview as it was uploaded by Bob.

Ross kindly gave us at the Special Access Podcast his 1st interview outside of Australia on this topic, Ross discusses why he got involved in the #UAP topic, and what it was that got him so interested, it's riveting, he drops some huge bombs throughout and in particular he tells he learned from one his extensive sources about an incident at the Top Secret Pine Gap Military Base in Australia, he was told by this trusted source that an object described as an orange orb physically passed through solid matter and entered inside the walls of the base, even going underground ! (Video starts at the point Ross joins the conversation)

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Here is an interview on ABC radio in Australia - again Ross is on top form

Go to 1hr 35mins

Ross then did an explosive interview with Jay from Project Unity where he let loose dropping bomb after bomb!

Ross describes learning some incredible information from Nat Kobitz the former Director of the Science & Technology Development division for the US Navy where he admits to the existence of reverse-engineering programs, that included the retrieval of multiple off-world craft. This was like a death bed confession as Nat died of cancer shortly after the conversation - why would a man about to die lie about something like this? He wouldn't!

Nat Kobitz the former Director of the Science & Technology Development division for the US Navy

Watch Ross describe this and much more in this interview.

In Plain Sight is available to pre-order now, and will be released on the 28th July 2021

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