70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end

Gary Heseltine is the vice-president of the International Coalition for Extra-terrestrial Research (ICER).

For more than 70 years, highly trained, credible people have found themselves involved in multiple witness reports and having an interaction with some kind of intelligence that is, literally, out of this world.

These cases from all around the world have been fully investigated and documented, yet have largely been ignored by governments, military and scientists and the academic world.


The explanation is simple and stark: governments across the planet, supported by the mainstream media, have poured scorn on and trivialised the subject of unidentified flying objects, or flying saucers, since the early 1950s.

As the late Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and huge UFO proponent, used to say,

“It can’t be, so it isn’t.”

That phrase is particularly apt if we ask the question as to why the scientific and academic worlds have largely ignored the mass of corroborated testimony from military pilots, commercial pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts, radar operators, air traffic controllers, sonar operators, military personnel, and police officers etc.

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