2013 Citizen Hearing On Disclosure- time to take another look

When 40 international researchers and military & agency witnesses presented testimony in front of a committee made up of six former members of Congress.

With the possibility congressional hearings on #UAPs will soon be called, we thought you might like to review how this MAY play out. This is also an ideal way for newbies to catch up on the historical cases in the topic.

The CHD was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2013, the event was organised by political activist Stephen Bassett. Paradigm Research Group

While this was not an official government hearing on UFOs, the hearings were an unprecedented five-day congressional-style presentation that brought together 40 international researchers and military and scientific witnesses to give their evidence.

Here are those testimonies and the questions they were asked

Here Stephen Bassett gives an interview with Politico about the hearing.

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